Which Operating System Is Better: Centos or Ubuntu?

After buying VPS, some of you may be worried about selecting the best operating system for your company. The majority often struggles to decide which Linux distribution is best. If you find it difficult to decide between the two widely used operating systems for web servers, Ubuntu and CentOS, you know Linux has several variants. In this post, we’ll look at how they vary from one another.

If you’ve used the Linux open-source operating system before, you’ve definitely seen some of its appealing characteristics. The Linux operating system can manage files, network, and run applications, among other fundamental activities.

Being open source is one of the benefits of the Linux operating system over Windows. Linux, unlike Windows, allows users to see how the program is being used, which has aided in the development of both online communities and the Linux operating system itself.

In big office settings, Ubuntu and CentOS are the most crucial operating systems. They are both reliable server operating systems that excel in their own right, but the key distinctions between the two operating systems might influence your decision. Join us as we examine Ubuntu and CentOS in more detail.


knowledge of the Ubuntu and CentOS operating systems

Ubuntu: Based on Debian Linux, Ubuntu is a user-friendly Linux distribution. The name “Ubuntu” is taken from the Nguni Bantu language and refers to Ubuntu’s direction to assist members of the community. This Linux version was developed to have a strong and ideal support community and to make the operating system simple to use.

Ubuntu does not need strong hardware and is nearly compatible with any devices; it has a robust software repository that is also lightweight. It also offers a straightforward foundation for design and regularly updated to solve errors. The graphical user interface, Linux web server packages, and security all have adjustable options. With the ability to install third-party software and support for the majority of the live languages, Ubuntu is quite safe. Anyone who uses Ubuntu is tempted by its advantages.

Operating System Community Enterprise, or CentOS, is a commercial Linux distribution that was created and is maintained by a sizable community and is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). All previously published versions of CentOS are based on RHEL releases and product-compatible binaries. Red Hat Linux has been a dependable and stable distribution from the inception of Linux, mostly utilized in high-end corporate IT applications. Without limitations or extra compilers, all business system applications that are now available function as well.

The majority of consumers that use Linux VPS choose the CentOS operating system, which is the most widely used Linux distribution for web servers. Due to its early dominance, numerous standards were established around the CentOS architecture, which is appropriate for big enterprises and businesses and has good security; CentOS is highly reliable and adaptable, much as Ubuntu; This operating system is incredibly versatile and configurable and employs Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) to secure your data from cyberattacks. This platform uses YUM to attempt to keep your system current (Yellowdog Updater Modified). In the world of web hosting, CentOS stands apart.

Note: If you need an Ubuntu VPS, you can buy a virtual server with the Ubuntu operating system and use its features.


Which one is preferable when selecting an operating system for a server?

The demands of your web server should guide your choice. Ubuntu can be a better option if you’re new to Linux or would want to work with the newest features. Compared to Centos, the Ubuntu installation and upgrade procedure is simpler. Additionally, compared to CentOS, Ubuntu has a bigger market share, and in the case of an issue, there is a wealth of online support. Furthermore, regular Ubuntu updates come with a ton of features that might inspire you to explore and learn more about Linux. Interested in extended support terms? You should definitely choose CentOS since it is safer than Ubuntu. This is due to the fact that Ubuntu receives more updates than CentOS, which means it likely contains more zero-day vulnerabilities. On the other hand, despite receiving more updates, the operating system’s reliability declines.

Additionally, CentOS, unlike Ubuntu, is far more compatible with web hosting providers and supports cPanel and WHM since the majority of web hosting services utilize them.

Because of its superior stability and security as well as its support for Cpanel as an operating system for data center servers and web hosting, CentOS is thus more appropriate. You shouldn’t worry about which operating system is superior in any situation since security, stability, and performance are almost similar. Instead, consider your needs and simplicity of use when picking the best operating system.


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