Meteorologists identified a third disturbance to keep an eye on as the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season continues in full swing.

The three areas of low pressure are a stark reminder to be prepared – but not panicked – during the latter, more active months of the hurricane season.

A disturbance in the Caribbean Sea has an 80 percent chance to develop into a tropical system in the coming days. Its center is projected to be somewhere between Central America and Cuba by the weekend, but its path after that remains uncertain.

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Several computer models predicting the system’s path provide a fairly evenly spaced spray chart of possibilities, according to an analysis by Space City Weather.

The system poses no immediate threat to Southeast Texas. But now is the time to go over your hurricane preparedness check list, according to the National Weather Service.

The second disturbance is currently in the mid-Atlantic and has a 90 percent chance of forming into a system by the end of the weekend. Much like the first one, this disturbance’s track is uncertain.

Some models put the storm center in the Gulf of Mexico in at least the next 10 days, according to the weather blog.

A third disturbance, documented for the first time Wednesday on the west African coast, is trailing behind the second disturbance and has a 20 percent chance of development by the weekend.