Two Texas cities make Forbes list of best places to retire in 2020

Better thank your lucky stars you’re living in Texas, because two of its cities have just been ranked on the Forbes list for ‘The Best Places to retire in 2020.”

According to Forbes, San Antonio and Dallas are among in the top 25 places to enjoy your golden years

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In making its selections, Forbes took the approach of analyzing which cities “offer a high quality of life at an affordable price.” What’s particularly key when looking at this year’s list is how the pandemic has given seniors a new set of challenges to consider.

“The pandemic could influence retirement location decisions in other ways, too, which fortuitously largely align with how we’ve traditionally approached our list,” Forbes contributor William Barrett wrote. “For example, some Boomers who haven’t financially suffered may need their savings to stretch further as they help out Millennial kids who have take a hit.”

Note: Forbes’ list delineates top cities in alphabetical order, so there’s not a ranking of No. 1 or No. 2.

Forbes commended San Antonio for these top qualities:

  • Good air quality
  • Low cost of living
  • Bike-friendly atmosphere
  • Median home price of $188,000, 34 percent below the national median
  • Low risk for climate change
  • Lack of state income and inheritance tax
  • Adequate number of doctors per capita

The drawbacks to San Antonio as a retirement spot include its shortage of walkable areas and its rate of serious crimes, which is above the national average.

Dallas was praised for these attractive qualities for a retirement spot, according to Forbes:

  • Adequate number of physicians per capita
  • Relatively low cost of living
  • Vibrant culture scene
  • Median home price of $219,000, 21 percent below the national median
  • Lack of state income and inheritance tax
  • Good climate
  • Good air quality
  • Low risk of climate change
  • Very bikeable, somewhat walkable
  • High ranking on Milken list of best cities for successful aging.

The only drawback for living in Dallas in your golden years is the serious crime rate, which is above national average.

As Forbes prepared this year’s list, they made certain selective adjustments in light of the of coronavirus concerns.  While college towns had typically been top mentions on this list, now they are not highlighted for 2020.

“In a nod to the continuing impact of COVID, this year’s list is lighter than its predecessors on smallish college towns,” Barrett stated. “We worry that the educational and cultural opportunities that had made them so appealing will be slow to return.”

The other consideration that is specific to this year is the proximity to quality medical care.

“Another timely metric we’ve long considered is the availability of medical care, using doctors per capita as proxy,” Barrett said. “Plus, we look at whether a city encourages a healthy and active lifestyle with good air quality, convenience for walking and biking and low serious.”

Yes, our beloved Houston didn’t make the list. We’re still in a quandary about that. But there’s always next year.


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