WNBA players have been protesting the wrongful killing of Black people and other people of color for a while now, but when the NBA staged a walkout for this week’s playoff games in an attempt to protest the shooting of Jacob Blake, everyone finally noticed.

It’s just another instance of women not getting credit for doing the work.

WNBA players and teams have done great, ongoing work demanding justice for Black lives for years now. Players in the WNBA get paid significantly less than NBA players, have less opportunities for branding partnerships and support, and are arguably putting more on the line than their male counterparts. But they participate in social justice movements anyway.

Meanwhile, the players in the NBA have nothing on the line, and couldn’t even take a stand for more than 24 hours.

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But that will hopefully soon change. Women on Twitter recently spoke up about the WNBA’s erasure from the social justice conversation.

Women athletes were doing this way before any male athletes hopped on the bandwagon. It’s time we start recognizing it.