The Perseid meteor shower peaks soon. Here’s how you can see it

The Perseids are about to peak, and there’s a reason this annual meteor shower is one of the most popular: It’s one of the strongest meteor showers we see in the Northern Hemisphere.

The shower will peak in the morning of Aug. 12 but will also be visible on Aug. 11 and Aug. 13.

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The outlook isn’t as great as it has been in years past, but you should still be able to see more than a few shooting stars. However, they’ll have to compete with a quarter moon. If the moon is bright, you’ll have a harder time spotting the showers.

Get somewhere darker, like the suburbs, and look up and to the north to see the shower. Try not to look at your phone or anything bright. You need your eyes to adapt to the dark, which takes about 30 minutes.

According to, we’re expected to see a rate of 60-70 meteors per hour this year, so be prepared to camp out for a little while to see more than a few. Be patient and try to focus.

The Perseid meteor shower is caused by Comet Swift-Tuttle passing by Earth. While it doesn’t fly nearby very often, the dust and debris left behind cause the shower we see every year.

Bring a comfy blanket, some bug spray and snacks. In times like this, it’s always good to focus on something bigger than us.


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