The current state of America is leading to a mental health crisis

Fifty percent of Houston-area residents have wrestled with powerful or severe emotional distress since Hurricane Harvey battered the region in 2017, according to a Rice study.

With hurricane Laura looming over our heads, the state of everyone’s mental health might potentially take a hit, especially considering all of the other crisis America is enduring right now.

Texas Tribune reported that “studies have shown similar outcomes with symptoms of anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress following other hurricanes, floods and wildfires — natural disasters that are intensifying as climate change accelerates. Mental health experts worry the psychological toll from these increasingly common cataclysms — with a pandemic now overlaid on top — could be unprecedented.”

Over the past few months, we’ve all endured so much, it’s a bit hard to process. 2020 has been nothing short of overwhelming– and what’s a tad bit frightening, is that the year still has a few months left.

Even former first lady Michelle Obama admittedly mentioned in her podcast that she had been dealing with low-grade depression because of everything that’s happening in America right now.

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Twitter users have expressed their own struggles with mental health during the ongoing pandemic.

The pandemic has managed to change so much of our everyday lives, and learning to adapt has become harder than most of us would’ve anticipated. Adapting to working from home or distance learning, limited interaction with family or friends, and finding ways to remain productive during this time are all taking a toll on everyone–the kids included.

USA Today reported that “nearly 3 in 10 parents said their child is experiencing emotional or mental harm because of social distancing and school closures, according to a nationwide Gallup poll in June.”

Once all of this is over, how will we re-adjust to society? I would like to think that the year couldn’t get any crazier, but at this point I just don’t know. We can’t take anymore bad news.