In a time where large group gatherings have been largely curtailed, residents at The Buckingham senior living community have turned to technology to stay engaged and connected with friends, family and neighbors.

With platforms like FaceTime, Zoom and Skype acting as virtual watercoolers, residents have found innovative ways to continue to socialize, explore and be entertained.

“Our mahjong ladies play ‘Real Mahjong’ on their computers in real time as they conference call on their phone speakers,” said Phillip Taylor, the community’s director of sales.

“We have a resident who’s organized a communitywide Zoom session every weekday morning,” added Martin Raymond, The Buckingham’s resident council president. “On Saturday the session is in the afternoon, and the only requirement is you have a cocktail in your hand!”

Other residents stream nightly performances from the Metropolitan Opera in New York, participate in drawing/painting classes through the community’s in-house channel, and have enrolled in an upcoming online lecture series offered by nearby Rice University.

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