Texas police caught off guard by 3.5 foot diamondback rattlesnake and 16 babies

When the blistering Texas heat starts to intensify, expect snake sightings to be on the rise.

Police in Manor, Texas made a surprising find when they stumbled upon a 3.5 foot diamondback rattlesnake and its 16 babies curled up in a work area  at Sunstate Equipment on Highway 290 in Manor.

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Manor police shared a video of the diamondback and her babies on Facebook.

This 3.5 foot Western Diamond Back rattle snake was found with her 16 babies (photos in comment) in a work area at the Sunstate Equipment Company on 290 here in Manor. These snakes should never be handled and should be reported to Animal Control for removal.

Posted by Manor Police Department on Wednesday, August 26, 2020

“These snakes should never be handled and should be reported to Animal Control for removal,” Manor PD stated in the post.

If you spot one of these venomous snakes, Texas Parks and Wildlife advises that you should leave it alone. In Texas, there are four kinds of venomous snakes–coral snakes, copperheads, cottonmouths and rattlesnakes,

“Watch where you step; put your hands or sit down,” Texas Parks and Wildlife advised. “Venomous snakes live or near the ground…Snakes avoid your huge body, but will definitely bite if stepped on or feel trapped.”

Several people commented on Facebook about how the police handled the situation and what to do if you spot one of these.

“Thanks for not destroying them. All snakes are good,” Bryan Wells posted.

“Another fact if you pay attention in the video it’s important to know that when using tongs you do not have to squeeze the snake hard. It’s more like a light grip guiding their body weight to the bucket as close to their mid body as you get.” Manor Aco Padhaisky posted.

“Thanks so much for protecting them!” Taylor Nadeau posted.