Texas given emergency exemption to use long-lasting antiviral product on American Airlines


Texas will allow the use of a new long-lasting EPA approved antiviral product in the fight against COVID-19 on American Airlines.

“In a first-of-its-kind step, EPA has issued an emergency exemption to the state of Texas permitting it to allow American Airlines and Total Orthopedics Sports & Spine to use a new product that kills coronavirus like the SARS-CoV-2 virus on surfaces for up to seven days,” according to a press release. 

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SurfaceWise2 is the name of the product that is meant to “inactivate viruses that land on a surface,” according to the press release.

“SurfaceWise2 will make the travel experience even safer for those who are ready to return to the skies and reopen our country for business,” said American Airlines Chief Operating Officer David Seymour in a press release.

As many are tired and looking to take to the skies to get away, this could be a game-changer for many people to put their fears at ease while taking advantage of low airfares.

According to the press release, once additional data is submitted by Allied BioScience for non-emergency approval, the product will be available for the public to purchase.

“Texas is proud to once again step up and join the fight against this virus,” said Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller.  “This Section 18 exemption gives businesses another tool to protect consumers as we try to bring our economy back.”

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