‘Just want you to know I love you’: Wife prays under husband’s hospital window as he fights COVID-19

Every day without fail, Michelle Guitterez sends a message of love and faith to her husband David, who is battling COVID-19 at St. Luke’s Hospital.

“I want him to know that God is not finished with him yet,” Michelle said. “God is not giving up on him. I am not giving up on him as we have so many missions to complete, so many things to celebrate.”

In Michelle’s mind and heart, the redeeming power of love and prayer can miraculously heal anything. Currently David is resting in a coma and cannot see or hear his wife. Every night at 7 p.m., Michelle visits David at St. Luke’s hospital and stands in the parking lot right below his window.  She prays for him an hour every day.

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“I’m there every single day at 7 p.m. under his window,” Michelle said. “I send his text at 7 p.m. to let him know.  I fax him a letter in the morning and a letter in the evening. I want to tell him ‘Do not lose faith. The world is not giving up on him.'” She often ends her tender text messages to him, “just want you to know I love you.”

On June 25, Michelle tested positive for coronavirus, while David tested negative.  He began to develop symptoms on July 1, and tested positive.  On July 8, David was hospitalized, and Michelle received a call from a nurse explaining her husband needed to be put on a ventilator.

“They gave me this horrible phone call,” Michelle said. “They said we need to call you and you need to tell your husband what you want to tell him before we ventilate him.  It’s just so hard because you don’t know if that’s the last time you’ll hear his voice.”

Michelle prays David will one day be able to read all of her letters.

“This will sound unbelievable but on the night he was put on that ventilator, I had a minute of short breath and I thought, no,” Michelle said. “Then I heard this scripture, ‘God tells me he shall keep thee in perfect peace.’ I felt this rush of peace literally run through my body. I felt peace. ‘God, you know what David needs and you’re doing what he needs right now.'”

Since that moment, Michelle has changed her perspective and possesses a calm sense of assurance about her husband’s condition. Michelle and David’s love story began in an unconventional place–a service station. David, a fluent Spanish speaker, helped Michelle communicate with a Spanish-speaking mechanic.

The couple began dating, and one evening, David told her they’d spend their lives together.

“One night he looked at me and said, ‘You’ll be mine.’ And I said ‘You’re crazy,'” Michelle laughed. “I called my sister. ‘This guy told me tonight that I would be his.'”  The Humble couple has been married for 10 years and have five kids between them.

Michelle said now she has a chain of prayer warriors who continue to pray for her husband.

“I spoke to this nurse this morning. He’s still stable, he didn’t need any blood pressure medication. His oxygen level was good,” Michelle said. “We’re just praying now that stays stable and that he gets better from this point on.  Isn’t that amazing?”




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