How to get your cardboard cutout at Texans games


Like baseball teams around the country, the Houston Texans will use cardboard cutouts of their fans to make NRG Stadium feel not-so-empty as they attempt to play this season during a pandemic.

The Texans already have announced no fans will be allowed at the team’s home opener against the Ravens on Sept. 20. There has been no decision made on the rest of the season. The team’s second home game is Oct. 4 against the Vikings.

The cardboard cutout option will cost you $75, with the money going to the Houston Texans Foundation, and first is being offered to season-ticket holders. The offer will be open to everyone beginning Aug. 24.

The cutouts will be placed in seats near both end zones.

The Texans are saving the front row for cutouts of Houston’s first responders and frontline heroes during the pandemic. Their cutouts will be provided at no cost to them.

The rules for the cutouts are much like the Astros’ policy: Take a vertical photo of yourself at eye-level from the waist up, standing about six feet from your camera. You can hold a sign or prop, but it must be kept inside your body width. And, of course, there are limits to what you can do in your picture: Don’t raise your arms in the air, that makes it hard to cutout. Only one person per photo. You can’t wear the gear of another team besides the Texans, no advertising, no social media handles, no political statements, no offensive or negative comments or inappropriate photos.

When you meet all those qualifications, you can upload your photo here.