NASA shared a video of Hurricane Laura as it was viewed from the International Space Station on Monday, Aug. 24, while it was still categorized as a tropical storm.

Hurricane Laura, now a Category 4 storm, is expected to track east overnight, which is good news for Houston, but our neighbors near the Texas-Louisiana border will need to brace for a “catastrophic” storm, as stated in a article.

HURRICANE LAURA POSES THREAT TO OIL INDUSTRY: Hurricane Laura forces evacuations and closures, poses massive threat to Texas’ oil industry  

Images and video captured views of the storm from approximately 250 miles above.

According to NASA, the station passed directly over Hurricane Laura before it made landfall in Cuba.

Chris Cassidy, a NASA astronaut, and U.S. Navy SEAL currently living aboard the International Space Station, also shared some photos of the storm from space on his Twitter page.

Houstonians are definitely breathing a sigh of relief today, as the most we would like to see of Hurricane Laura are these amazing photos and video.

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