Here are some of Texas’ funniest social media reactions ahead of hurricanes Laura and Marco

If there’s one thing you can expect from Texans, even in the midst of double hurricanes, it’s memes and gifs.

Yes, we know two separate hurricanes touching down at the same time is a crazy (and rare) occurrence. Yes, we’re abiding by safety and preparation guidelines from statewide and national officials. But what’s wrong with having a little fun too? has rounded up some of the funniest social media reactions we’ve seen ahead of Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Marco. Enjoy!

1. I haven’t been a Texan long, but I do remember seeing news about how Joel Osteen reacted during Hurricane Harvey. Many Texans (specifically Houstonians) are still not happy with him because of it.

2. Who is ‘somebody’? Houstonians just want to talk! 

3. Have you ever seen a hurricane cha cha? (This is one of my personal faves!)


##Huracan ##hurricanelaura ##hurricane ##houston ##tx ##fyp ##huracanlaura

♬ Originalton – itsofficialmarco

4. Imagine calling your boss because your car is going underwater and he tells you “it’s fine, just come in later.” Only in Texas!


Work finna be like.., ##greenscreen ##texasweather ##hurricanelaura ##tx ##onlyintexas ##houston ##galveston ##htown ##GreenScreenTile ##worklife

♬ original sound – tiktokant713

5. We know, we’re preparing for a massive hurricane. But don’t forget your mask, folks!

6. Apparently, brisket is essential in Texas. Who knew?

7. Are you really hurricane-ready if you haven’t replenished your beer supply? Scratch that, are you really a TEXAN if you don’t replenish your beer supply in the midst of a potentially massive hurricane?

8. It’s not a severe weather situation if Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore doesn’t pop up in a meme or two!

9. Southeast Texans, is this true? 

Find preparation tips, alerts to follow and more storm news in’s Hurricane Guide.


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