ESPN writer calls Cowboys ’13-win team’ and league’s top offense


ESPN football writer Bill Barnwell has huge expectations for the Dallas Cowboys.

On Scott Van Pelt’s podcast SVPod this week, Barnwell made the bold statement that the Cowboys will have the best offense in football – better than the explosive Kansas City Chiefs – and could go 13-3.

“The best team in the NFL, and this is not designed to draw attention, but it is my honest opinion: It is the Dallas Cowboys,” Barnwell said on the podcast. “It is not going to be fun if you’re someone who dislikes the Cowboys this year. I feel like they are absolutely set to be a 13-win team this year.”

The prediction about the offense isn’t outrageous. The Cowboys led the league in yards last season, averaging 431 yards per game – almost 25 yards per game better than the next-best team, the Baltimore Ravens. Those yards didn’t always result in points however, as their 27.1 points per game was sixth-best.

The Cowboys bring back most of that offense from last year, plus explosive rookie receiver CeeDee Lamb, who was Dallas’ first-round pick out of Oklahoma.

Of course, Barnwell did have one caveat.

“Things always seem to go wrong with the Cowboys at one point or another,” he admitted.