Colt .45-packing Texas lawyer accused of smuggling meth into county jail

A Texas attorney found himself on a different side of the justice system after he was accused of trying to smuggle methamphetamine into a north Texas jail last year.

Bryan Simmons, 49, was accused of conspiring with others to distribute the drugs inside the Cass County Jail between July and August 2019, according to the Department of Justice. Simmons graduated from Houston’s South Texas College of Law in 2001, according to the State Bar of Texas.

His law license is currently listed as “inactive.”

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Police caught up with Simmons in August and found the drugs and a Colt .45 pistol, according to prosecutors. The federal government is working to seize the firearm and $1,000 cash from Simmons, according to federal court records.

Simmons practiced mostly civil litigation but has criminal law listed as an area of practice with the State Bar of Texas.

If convicted, Simmons is facing up to a life sentence.

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