EU plans international coronavirus tracing network

Starting in October, a number of EU member states will launch a cross-border coronavirus tracing network. But France, where infection numbers are at a record high, will not join the scheme. There is considerable cross-border traffic between Germany and France. Daily, German and French nationals cross the 450-kilometer-long (280-mile) border, as many either work or … ادامه

German students defy coronavirus to study abroad

Thousands of German students head abroad every year — but university experience and exchange programs have altered beyond recognition in the pandemic. With term starting, DW spoke to students who chose to stay overseas.  “Student life just came to a sudden stop,” says Celal, a German student at Columbia Business School in New York. “I am doing fine adjusting to the … ادامه

Germany’s historical discrimination against gay soldiers unveiled in new report

The German defense ministry has published a report outlining the extent of historic discrimination of gay soldiers before 2000. But authorities “cannot right every injustice,” the defense minister admitted. “I can’t believe this is happening — I feel like I’m dreaming,” 77-year-old Dierk Koch says, blinking down from the podium at a special event at … ادامه

Coronavirus: Will Germany’s Christmas markets be canceled?

Germany is preparing for winter amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. More treatment centers and new mandatory mask rules are planned. But with Oktoberfest already canceled — will the famed German holiday attractions go ahead? Temperatures soared past 30 degrees Celsius across Germany in mid-September as people headed to parks and swimming pools to cool down. For many … ادامه

Islam still faces obstacles on path to be part of Germany

Some ten years ago, German President Christian Wulff said Islam was very much part of German society. What about today?  It was a short statement that had a lot of impact. In his speech almost 10 years ago on the 20th anniversary of German reunification, Germany’s then-President Christian declared that Islam was a part of … ادامه

FinCEN Files: Tracing the flow of dirty money

The FinCEN files are the result of extensive international research on money laundering and financial crime. They show how dirty money is shuffled around the world and how banks fail to stop this flow of money. The unchecked movement of dirty money may not register as an immediate threat in a world beset by headline-grabbing … ادامه

German military launches space junk tracking system

The German armed forces want to keep a closer eye on space in the future. A new system to track space junk orbiting Earth and send out early warnings about potential threats has begun work. German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer inaugurated Germany’s Air and Space Operations Center (ASOC) Monday to track space junk using a … ادامه

Coronavirus: Merkel’s bid for unity hampered by Germany’s federal system

Responding to the coronavirus pandemic has thrown the spotlight on Germany’s sometimes fragmented federal governance. Does it lead to tailor-made local solutions, or ceaseless territorial squabbles? It’s entirely possible that you have heard or read something about masks becoming mandatory in German secondary school classrooms. Or you might have heard the exact reverse, that this … ادامه

Nord Stream 2: Poland urges Germany to drop Russia’s gas pipeline project

As the Navalny case respins the geopolitical kaleidoscope, Poland is pushing Germany to scrap Nord Stream 2. DW looks at Berlin’s options for the costly, controversial and delayed gas pipeline. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told public radio on Wednesday that Germany must stop construction of the Nord Stream 2 project. “It strengthens Russia’s power, … ادامه

German synagogue attack trial reveals police failures

The trial of far-right attacker Stephan B. in Germany has almost reached its halfway stage. It has been marked by moving eyewitness accounts — and criticism of the police investigation. Jewish survivors of the attack on the Halle synagogue have accused the police of failing to properly investigate the online far-right scene that is believed … ادامه

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