But first, a selfie: Uber’s new feature requires passengers to prove they’re masked ahead of ride

Uber is going to make sure you’re wearing a mask, one way or the other.

In the coming weeks, the car services will launch an in-app feature that requires a masked selfie from passengers reported as not having worn one during previous rides. The facial covering must clearly be seen over your mouth and nose, otherwise the driver can decline to pick you up.

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Uber has required since May that passengers and drivers, including those delivering for Uber Eats, wear a mask throughout the duration of their trip to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. But only drivers were required to prove it.

“We firmly believe that accountability is a two-way street,” the ride share said on their website. “That’s why we’re expanding the same technology to riders, too. If a driver reports to us that a rider wasn’t wearing a mask, the rider will be required to take a selfie with their face covered before they’re able to take another trip with Uber.”

Sachin Kansal, the global head of safety and driver product at Uber, told Travel+Leisure they believe the added feature gives another layer of safety, and they hope it empowers drivers.

“As more and more riders and drivers take their ‘second first trip,’ we hope this increased accountability provides more peace of mind,” the company said.

A second first trip, in case you’re wondering, refers to Uber’s new process and precautions amid COVID-19 that they weren’t necessarily implementing prior to the virus. With so many changes, it’s almost like you’re trying Uber out for the first time.



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