A Swedish factory accident made it rain cocoa. Houston’s plants just make pollution.

The Swiss get cocoa raining from the sky. We get carcinogens and a shelter-in-place.

There was a “minor defect” in the cooling and ventilation system at Lindt & Spruengli’s chocolate factory this week, according to the Associated Press. The mishap at the factory in Olten, Switzerland, sent a plume of fine cocoa powder into the immediate vicinity, which left the chocolate dust sprinkled on nearby cars.

The company offered apologies and to pay for any repairs, but no one had come forward, according to AP.

In Houston, we could only be so lucky. A Houston Chronicle analysis found that the region experiences a chemical plant emergency once every six weeks, but none of them include chocolate powder.

The clock was reset Tuesday when a fire broke out at a Pasadena refinery.

A days-long plume of thick black smoke over the city? Mysterious red dust tarnishing our car paint? You bet. Always oil and gas, never semi-sweet.

Being such intricate systems, minor mishaps at any number of Greater Houston’s refineries or chemical plants are an unfortunately accepted way of life in Houston.

If only we had a Hershey’s factory to shake things up.